Acevivi Facial Cleansing Brush Review

Acevivi Facial Cleansing brush * I’ve wanted one of these facial cleansing brushes for ages and I’m so exci...

I’ve wanted one of these facial cleansing brushes for ages and I’m so excited to finally have one! It’s literally amazing & I really recommend these to anyone!
My skin feels so clean and refreshed after using this sonic cleansing brush, it removes dead skin cells and dirt to reveal more youthful looking skin and a better complexion, I’ve also noticed my foundation applies so much better now.
There’s so many benefits to using the sonic cleansing brush such as:

  • Cleans away dirt, oil, acne causing germs & dead skin cells
  • Thoroughly cleans clogged pores to reduce black heads
  • Helps reduce spot breakouts
  • Helps reduce acne scars
  • Minimises pores, reduces skin redness & evens out skin tone
  • Exfoliates dead & dried skin
  • reduces fine lines & wrinkles on face, chest & hands
  • Preps skin for more effective absorption of toners, serums, and moisturizers 
  • Helps prevent ingrown hairs from shaving 
  • Preps Skin for Sunless Tanners and Cellulite Treatments

This sonic facial brush by Acevivi is small and easy to pack if you’re travelling. It’s waterproof & can be used in the shower & bath. It comes with a soft brush for gentle everyday exfoliation & a firm brush for a deeper exfoliation process which I usually use twice a week.

I just simply wet the brush and add my favourite facewash & lather it up then apply the brush to my face using circular motions.

It’s so easy to use and makes facial cleansing so much easier! I absolutely love it!


  1. I definitely want to try this. Thanks for sharing.

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