How To See In The New Year In Style

Ring in the New Year in perfect style. Image credit. Have you made your plans for New Year yet? With just a few weeks to go until t...

Ring in the New Year in perfect style. Image credit.

Have you made your plans for New Year yet? With just a few weeks to go until the biggest party of the year, it's a good time to start thinking about how to make your entrance. Style is supposed to be fun, but sometimes it can cause stress if you aren’t quite sure what will fit the bill. Factors from the venue, to the the weather and even your own body image can make a huge difference to whether you feel comfortable, on trend and right for the occasion. If you feel something isn’t right, it's a lot harder to relax, concentrate on connecting with other people and enjoying your experience. So get planning your New Year’s wardrobe now for maximum impact.

Get It Right For The Event

What you should wear depends on what you are planning to do, but so many people forget that practicality has a huge role to play in looking good. If you aren't comfortable, it will definitely show and ruin even the best look, so make sure that what you wear ties in. If your New Years plans are about hitting that ticket-only club night, spend time on the gallery section of the club website to pick up on the vibe of the guests and guide your choice of outfit. If you have a formal party to attend, perhaps for your university or the company you work for, don't be afraid to go full length and fabulous - you don't get many opportunities to do that in life. Equally, if you've planned a UK beach mini break with friends then cosy but stylish slogan knits, some great lounge wear looks for nights in and the best of women's wetsuits are a better choice. Then you can just concentrate on having fun. So while practicality may not seem like it should have too much to do with fashion, it can actually make your experience much better.

Accessorise To Mix It Up

The easiest route in if you feel like a complete beginner is to select one attention-grabbing piece such as a bold necklace or a pair of this season’s shoulder-sweeping earrings and pair with a plain t-shirt. Don’t wear both at the same time, as they’ll compete for attention and make your overall look messy and unfocused. Try matching the accessory to the neckline of your tee – for example, collar necklaces look hot over a higher or rounded neckline, whereas layered pendants look best cascading into a deep V neck. A turtle or polo neckline looks great with some ear candy on display. You can wear more than one piece overall, but keep the secondary pieces toned down and smaller in scale.

Ultimately, what’s appropriate is a matter of comfort – both yours and the other guests. There’s nothing wrong with doing a little research beforehand if you know others attending to find out what they’re planning to wear. Style blogs and Pinterest are your best friends for finding modern outfit inspiration and sparking your creative mind.


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