Sudio Rose Gold Wireless Earphones

Sudio Wireless Earphones * How stunning are these ' Vasa Blå'  rose gold earphones by Sudio?! these would ...

How stunning are these 'Vasa Blå' rose gold earphones by Sudio?! these would make the perfect gift for Christmas, they come in lots of different colours and sudio have lots of other styles available. The sound quality is amazing, I feel like I can fully immerse myself in the music! I love that these earphones are wireless so I don't need to plug them into my phone, it's a a lot more flexable when your on the go. I can't wait to go on my next holiday with these and just sit back and relax by the pool listening to my music! These earphones are so easy to use, once fully charged they can last up to 9 hours and you simply just connect them to your phone via bluetooth. 

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