The Essential Checklist for Solo Travellers

Image Credit: Pexels CC0 Licence  When you travel alone, you have complete freedom to explore the world on your own terms. This ...

Image Credit: Pexels CC0 Licence 

When you travel alone, you have complete freedom to explore the world on your own terms. This means that you can go where you like, when you like and do what you like. But with so much freedom open to you, it can be all too easy to forget some of the basics before you start your adventure! 

While you are busy deciding which tourist spots you want to discover or researching the best restaurants, you probably won’t be thinking about the check list you need to complete before you even set off. So, here are 3 things you may have forgotten...
Plan Your Route to the Airport or Train
Your travels don’t begin at the airport or train station, they begin as soon as your front door closes behind you. Planning a transfer to the airport is a very good idea and most companies will offer advance bookings so you don’t need to worry about finding a Warrington taxi, for example, on the day. You should also think about how you are going to get home again. 

There are many routes to airports around the country and you may be lucky enough to be able to get a train, a tram or a tube depending on where you live. However, you must make sure that you factor in waiting times and check when services are running. 
Set an Itinerary
Staying safe while traveling alone should be your top priority and while you should certainly stay in touch with family at home, you should also consider setting an itinerary. This will give your family an idea of where you will be and when so that if you don't get in touch every day, they will still know where you should be. 

A travel itinerary will also give you time to plan your trip properly before you get there. This will help to show you whether your plans are realistic and if you can actually fit all your destinations and sights into a single trip. While you don’t need to stick to a strict minute-by-minute itinerary, it helps to know that you have something to do each day. 
Pack Smartly
Smart packing is essential, especially if you are going backpacking for a long period of time. The trick is to work out what the minimum you need is and then work outwards based on how big your bag is and what you are capable of carrying. The basic rule for packing is that if you can do without, you should do without. 

The best way to pack a backpack is to distribute the weight fairly evenly, putting heavier items closer to your back. Rolling your clothes should limit the creases you end up with and sticking to easy layers is definitely advisable. If you can, wear your bigger clothing items, like a hoodie, while you travel. 

Getting caught up in the excitement of travelling is totally normal but you must remember the basics too. Plan your trip from the moment you leave your front door to the moment you return and you can’t go wrong. 


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