Make Your Travel Dreams Come True in 2020

Pixabay - CCO Licence If wanderlust is giving you itchy feet, 2020 is the time to turn your travel dreams into a reality. Per...

If wanderlust is giving you itchy feet, 2020 is the time to turn your travel dreams into a reality. Perhaps you dream of trekking through the Amazon, surfing on Bondi Beach or scaling Kilimanjaro? Maybe you want to spend a few months on the Amalfi Coast or in San Francisco? If you yearn for the sun-filled tropics or sub-zero adventures, then now is your chance to spread your wings.
Today's travel options mean it's never been easier to explore the world. Low-cost flights can get you from one continent to another in a matter of hours, while fast-track trains can transport you across Europe in the blink of an eye. 
Of course, there are plenty of obstacles to overcome when you want to go travelling. Or are there?

A lack of time and money are the two main barriers which prevent people from setting sail but neither of these issues should stop you from fulfilling your dreams. If you’ve postponed your travel dreams, find out how you can make them happen this year no matter what your circumstances are.

1. Schedule the time
If you have a job, you’re going to need to arrange some time off if you want to travel. Depending on your situation, this could mean quitting your role or asking for a sabbatical. You’ll be surprised how many firms are willing to give employees extended leave, particularly if they want to use the time to travel. 
If your boss won’t sanction a sabbatical or a career break, you might need to consider resigning from your role. While this can be daunting, you’ll soon overcome your worries as your jet off to new lands and undiscovered joys. If your current employer isn’t accustomed to offering sabbaticals, the chances are they won’t change their mind next month or next year. In which case, you’ll need to leave your role if you want to travel at any point in time. So why not do it now?

2. Calculate your budget

When you take the time to calculate your budget, you might be surprised at just how far your travel fund can get you. If you don’t have a substantial amount saved, there’s no need to panic. There are a variety of options, such as homeowner loans from Evolution Money, which can give you the funding you need for your travels. In addition to this, you might want to look into the possibility of working while you’re travelling. 
Although some countries have strict visa requirements for any workers, many locations welcome temporary and seasonal workers from abroad. If you’re willing to work as you go, you can stop saving and book your travel tickets right away.
Don’t forget - you may not have much in terms of liquid cash, but you probably have quite a few assets lying around. If you’re going travelling for an extended period of time, you could sell your car to increase your budget, rent out your property or even sell your electronics. 

3. Look for cheap travel options
Buying a first-class ticket to New York is going to eat up a massive portion of your budget. In fact, it might even exceed your budget! However, there are plenty of ways to minimise your travel costs. Firstly, look for flights which are at unpopular times as these tend to be cheaper. In addition to this, travelling to less well-known airports and then getting a rail or bus transfer can be infinitely cheaper.

When it comes to cheap travel, flexibility is key. You can grab some great bargains by booking a long time in advance, but this isn’t always possible. Once you’re on the road, keep an eye out for last minute deals. Carriers will be keen to fill empty seats, so you can take advantage of low prices. 
As well as planning your flights, consider rail travel too. You can minimise your time in the air by interrailing, which will help to keep your costs down. What’s more, a sleeper train means you can travel overnight and avoid having to pay for accommodation. 

Live Your Dreams in 2020
If you’re eager to travel, there’s no time like the present. It’s easy to assume that it’s not the right time or that you don’t have enough money to see the places you most want to see but, with a little creativity and determination, you can make it happen. Once you’ve decided that 2020 is the year to travel, the only thing you’ll need to decide is where to go to first!


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